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We help protect your network and data by using a combination of custom hardware and software. We prevent a large array of threats from entering, and then spreading across your network.

We enforce strong security policies, which ensure that the unauthorized users are locked out. We utilize the top rated anti-malware applications to discover any traces of viruses, trojans, spyware and ransomware, and then we eliminate them.


As your company grows, its data needs grow as well, and become more complex. We create custom on-site and off-site backup solutions which are secure, scalable and affordable.

For increased peace of mind, we can help you store the backed up data using several cloud services which are located in various regions across the globe. Our team can also offer help in case that disaster strikes, and critical company data needs to be recovered asap.


When it comes to IT, employee training is essential. However, costs can be prohibitive for small companies. We offer network and database security training courses at our headquarters or on-site.

Learn how to analyze any computer network, scan it for vulnerabilities, determine the key risk factors, implement tight security policies, deploy hardware & software firewalls, and protect company data. Edward Woods, our in-house training expert, will be your guide.


Network Penetration Testing

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your network (with your permission) with the goal of revealing its vulnerabilities. Then, we provide actionable information that helps fix any security holes.

Firewall Rules Review

Do you want to make sure that your company's key information is protected? We review all the rules that govern network traffic, highlighting all the potential misconfigurations and exploits.

Wireless Security Testing

We have a vast experience in wireless vulnerabilities testing. We use custom-built hardware and software to scan the entire Wi-Fi network for potential vulnerabilities, reviewing all the routers, access points and clients thouroughly.

Database Security Testing

We analyze all your databases, verifying their configuration and access rights. Then, we simulate internal/external database attacks (with your permission) and determine their security levels.

Mobile App/Device Security

Mobile devices have recently become key tools and instruments in most corporate environments. We verify and diagnose the security of the iOS and Android mobile applications that are used by your company.

Other Security Services

We utilize proprietary tools to perform penetration testing and verify the security of custom hardware and software, including IoT devices. Contact us for a quick price quote.